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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

Examination File 4

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

The Answers to the following Questions can all be found in the sermons of Module 4

Question 1: The Seven Last Plagues are referred to in Scripture as the Wrath of God.
What are the sins which trigger God's anger?
See Sermon Note 04/01. for answer.

Question 2: Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) preached the Gospel, (the Good News,) of Salvation.
What is so good about this Good News?
See Sermon Note 04/02 for answer.

Question 3: Joy is a spiritual fruit, a product of the Holy Spirit.
What are the stepping stones to true and lasting Joy?
See Sermon Note 04/03 for answer.

Question 4: Divine protection is conditional.
Name two mandatory requirements the people of God will need to meet before divine protection is given during the Time of Trouble.
See Sermon Note 04/04 for answer.

Question 5: We know that though Yahweh's law is perfect, it cannot save a sinner. It cannot cleanse him/her from sin.
What, then, is its purpose in the process of salvation and should we abandon it?
See Sermon Note 04/05 for answer.

Question 6: Salvation from trouble is the urgent need of millions. But cries for help seem mostly to go unanswered.
What are the first two steps we must take before help from above is forth-coming?
See Sermon Note 04/06 for answer.

Question 7: God tells His people of His plans by the mouth of His prophets. But the world is awash with false prophets all claiming to be spokesmen of God.
Name 2 Litmus Tests which identify the true prophets of God?
See Sermon Note 04/07 for answer.

Question 8: Millions pray to no effect. They never seem to get what they ask of God.
What is the reason and what mandatory conditions for answered prayer are they probably ignoring?
See Sermon Note 04/08 for answer.

Question 9: God seems to be taking His time when it comes to punishing mankind for its sins.
Why does He delay; and what are we commissioned to do during this period of waiting?
See Sermon Note 04/09 for answer.

Question 10: In Scripture we humans are sometimes likened to the 'fish of the sea' and Yeshua the Messiah is the fisherman.
What fate awaits those 'fish' who deliberately live unclean lives?
See Sermon Note 04/10 for answer.

Question 11: Because of his faith and obedience, Abraham is often called the father of the faithful.
God Almighty promised Abraham and his Seed many things.
Who is Abraham's Seed; and what do you think is the extent of the LORD's promise to His friend Abraham?
See Sermon Note 04/11 for answer.

Question 12: Physical things were created primarily to teach us humans spiritual lessons.
What spiritual lessons can Light teach us?
See Sermon Note 04/12 for answer.

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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

June 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland