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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

Examination File 3

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

The Answers to the following Questions can all be found in the sermons of Module 3

Question 1: Yahweh's mercy is everlasting; but what must we do to receive it?
See Sermon Note 03/01. for answer.

Question 2: Our heavenly father is in the business of Salvation & Sanctification.
What work are you doing in the Family business?
See Sermon Note 03/02 for answer.

Question 3: We are told that the Holy Spirit works through man's conscience.
But what divine instrument does He use to convict a person of sin, righteousness and judgement?
See Sermon Note 03/03 for answer.

Question 4: Yahweh uses holy angels to perform certain duties.
Name some of those duties and how they may concern you and your family.
See Sermon Note 03/04 for answer.

Question 5: In the spiritual warfare against the diseases caused by sin,
where in the Bible are Jehovah's health warnings found?
See Sermon Note 03/05 for answer.

Question 6: We know that eternal salvation is only possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
But why does the Most High allow His servants to suffer so much; what lesson is He trying to teach us?
See Sermon Note 03/06 for answer.

Question 7: If you are certain that we are living in the Last Days
then name some of the Signs of the Saviour's return: political, natural, social and spiritual.
See Sermon Note 03/07 for answer.

Question 8: Perseverance in prayer always produces a happy ending.
But what is the result of a wilful and persistent rejection of Truth?
See Sermon Note 03/08 for answer.

Question 9: Psalm 23 overflows with many spiritual gems of Truth.
In your opinion what is the dearest?
See Sermon Note 03/09 for answer.

Question 10: Truth is an extremely potent power. Like the tiny atom it may appear of small account or be held by some seemingly insignificant person; but it is powerful beyond imagination.
What Biblical stories confirm these facts?
See Sermon Note 03/10 for answer.

Question 11: The Saviour's name is Emmanuel; which means God with us.
Name 10 Bible characters "God was with."
See Sermon Note 03/11 for answer.

Question 12: Taking bad advice can be dangerous, if not fatal.
In spiritual matters where can the best advice be found?
See Sermon Note 03/12 for answer.

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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

June 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland