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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

Examination File 5

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

The Answers to the following Questions can all be found in the sermons of Module 5

Question 1: Name 3 things which are classified in Scripture as Truth;
and what can Truth do for those who accept it?
See Sermon Note 05/01. for answer.

Question 2: Yeshua (Jesus) is well able to heal all manner of physical ailments.
But neither he nor His Father can heal certain spiritual sicknesses!
What makes a spiritual sickness incurable; and what can we do about it?
See Sermon Note 05/02 for answer.

Question 3: We grieve the Holy Spirit of God when we doubt Him, His Son or His Word - the Bible.
Name three other ways we can grieve the Spirit of God?
See Sermon Note 05/03 for answer.

Question 4: Life is a wrestling match. We either wrestle with God and win His mercy and strength to overcome sin. Or we wrestle with Satan and his evil host.
Name 2 things a believer must do if he/she wants to overcome Satan.
See Sermon Note 05/04 for answer.

Question 5: Adultery is rampant throughout the world; on the physical as well as the spiritual plane.
What is the fate of adulterers if they continue in their sins?
See Sermon Note 05/05 for answer.

Question 6: For mankind, salvation is free! But let us not delude ourselves into thinking it cost God nothing!
What did our salvation cost the Almighty God; and how can we express our appreciation for what He and His Son have done for us?
See Sermon Note 05/06 for answer.

Question 7: Before the great and terrible Day of the LORD comes, the Bible says Elijah would come.
What is the Elijah Message and how is it relevant in our day?
See Sermon Note 05/07 for answer.

Question 8: Yahweh often allows suffering and trial for good reasons. But sometimes we are at fault.
Name 2 reasons for unanswered prayer.
See Sermon Note 05/08 for answer.

Question 9: King David was "a man after God's own heart." God delighted in him.
What was David's constant frame of mind that made the Almighty so fond of him?
See Sermon Note 05/09 for answer.

Question 10: The Kingdom of Heaven is the greatest kingdom that ever will be. Its eternal treasures are beyond imagination.
What must we do to ensure our entry into that eternal Kingdom?
See Sermon Note 05/10 for answer.

Question 11: Yahweh has a family business in which every believer - after an initial schooling period - is allocated a job to do. How are we expected to carry out our duties?
See Sermon Note 05/11 for answer.

Question 12: True prosperity is that of the soul. It cannot be measured in social standing, economic wealth, education, power, fame or physical beauty. True prosperity is a spiritual condition; it is bestowed by God on His children. Having said that, what steps can a believer take to become truly prosperous?
See Sermon Note 05/12 for answer.

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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

June 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland