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Answers to Frequently-Asked-Questions can be found in the various libraries (directories) at this site. Before e-mailing us with a question, please check through the SBS Index File where several hundred headings are listed. It may well be that your answer is already there.

The first 6 of the following questions, along with a few others, are answered in About SBS.

  1. What is SBS?
  2. When, by whom, and how was SBS founded?
  3. Who runs SBS?
  4. With which denomination is SBS associated?
  5. SBS Publications ... May I copy or translate them?
  6. How can I support the work of SBS?
  7. Why does SBS use the number 777 in its writings?
  8. Where can I find a group with Stewarton Bible School teachings?
  9. Is it OK for me to make copies of SBS disks and pass them on to friends?

Faith, Salvation and the Law

See under Laws and Salvation in the SBS Index File where many of these questions are answered.
  1. Where does faith come into obeying the law?
  2. Haven't you read Romans 14 and Colossians 2:16-17?   Surely Christians are no longer required to keep the Bible Sabbath (Saturday)?
  3. If Faith is what matters, are Works important?
  4. Legalism ... What is it?
  5. If we're required to keep the law, what about the Ceremonial Laws and Animal Sacrifices [75K]?

Questions About Bible Versions

  1. Where can I obtain Foreign-Language Bibles which, like the King James Version, are based on Textus Receptus?
  2. Are there any other Internet sites which hold the same views as SBS concerning the authorized King James Version?
  3. What about the New International Versions?   Is it the Word of God?
  4. What about the New American Standard Version?   Is it the Word of God?
  5. What about the New King James Version?   Is it the Word of God?
  6. Dr. Samuel C. Gipp Th.D Answers Over 60 Questions about the KJV
  7. Reference Books on Bible Versions:
  8. Should the Apocrypha be held in the same regard as the Old and New Testaments?
  9. Is the Septuagint inspired? And when was it written?

Bible Prophecy

  1. The Two Witnesses  Are they not men?
  2. What is SBS's opinion of the number 666?
  3. Do you agree with me that Antichrist is ...?
    Answer: Please read our article, Who/What is the Antichrist? and ensure your theory satisfies the clues found in the Bible.
  4. Does SBS believe there will be a pre-tribulation "Rapture"?
  5. What has SBS to say about the Y2K problem?
  6. What is the Time of Trouble?
  7. Questions concerning Time.

Sacred Calendar

  1. Why do the Festival dates published by SBS sometimes differ from those in:
  2. Why, in 1997, did SBS start the month of Abib one month BEFORE the Jews and most other festival-keeping groups?
  3. Why, in year 2000, will SBS start Abib in March?   Isn't that a month early?
  4. Does the International Date Line affect how the dates of the annual festivals are determined?
  5. I was unable to keep the Passover this year in the first month of Abib. What should I do?
Further questions on the Sacred Calendar are answered in Part Two of:


  1. If there's a God, why does He allow pain and suffering?
  2. According to the Scriptures, is it possible to calculate the age of the earth?
  3. Why does SBS use the sacred names such as Yahweh, Yeshua, Yahshua, etc.?
  4. Does SBS believe that Britain, the USA and several other European nations are the lost 10 Tribes of Israel?
  5. I have been asked to conduct a Funeral Service. Do you have any information I could use?
  6. What is your understanding of the Trinity?
  7. Who is the Scapegoat Azazel mentioned in Leviticus chapter 16?
  8. When did Jesus rise from the tomb?

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