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Reference Books on Creation

Evolution is taught as though it were proven fact. Never a week goes by, but mention is made of it on TV and radio. The arguments for special creation are, sad to say, seldom aired. As a result few adults, let alone their growing children, have studied those arguments. Yet, I can assure you, they exist and they are very strong. The following books present arguments to support the Bible account of creation far more convincingly than we in SBS can. Bear in mind that knowledge of your origin will have a direct effect on your behaviour; which in turn will have a direct effect on your eternal destination. I am sure you will agree that those are not subjects to be lightly dismissed. So request your local library to order a few of these books. Or better still, buy a few books for yourself and your friends. Your eyes will be opened and who knows, you may even help influence the moral behaviour of your family and community: not to mention their eternal destiny.

The Illustrated Origins Answer Book
by Paul S Taylor, Eden Productions: PO Box 41644 Mesa, Arizona 85274-1644, USA, ISBN: 1-877775-01-0 ... Highly recommended.
Creation Science
David Rosevear, 50 Brecon Ave, Portsmouth PO6 2AW England, ISBN: 0-947852-91-3
Ape-Man, Fact Or Fallacy?
Malcolm Bowden, Sovereign Publications, Bromley, Kent England
Biblical Creationism
Henry M Morris, Baker Books PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids MI 49516-6287 USA ISBN: 0-8010-6298-5
Darwin's Enigma, Fossils and Other Problems
Luther D Sunderland, Master Books PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California USA ISBN: 0-89051-108-X
Evolution: A Theory In Crisis
Luther D Sunderland, Master Books, PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA ISBN:0-89051-108-X
Evolution in Turmoil
Henry Morris Ph.D. Master Books PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA ISBN: 0-89051-003-2
Evolution, The Challenge of the Fossil Record
Duane T Gish, Master Books PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA ISBN: 0-89051-112-8
Scientific Creationism
Henry Morris PH.D. Master Books PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA ISBN: 0-89051-003-2
The Genesis Flood
Henry Morris Ph.D. & John C Whitcomb, Presbyterian and Reformed, Phillipsburg, N.J. USA
The Rise Of The Evolution Fraud
M Bowden, Sovereign Publications, Box 88, Bromley, Kent BR2 9PF, England. ISBN: 0-9506042-2-4
The Bible and Modern Science
Henry M Morris, Moody Press, Chicago
Many Infallible Proofs
Henry M Morris, Master Books, PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA
Creation: Accident or Design?
Harold G Coffin, Review and Herald, Washington.
The Battle for Creation
Duane T Gish & Henry M Morris, Creation Life, San Diego
Man's Origin, Man's Destiny
A.E. Wilder-Smith, Harold Shaw Co. Wheaton, IL USA
Science and the Bible
Henry Morris Ph.D., Moody Press, Chicago, USA
The World that Perished
John C Whitcomb, Jr, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Write to one or more of the publishers listed below for lists and prices of books on creation.
  1. Creation Science Movement: 50 Brecon Ave, Portsmouth PO6 2AW, UK
  2. Creation Resource Trust: Mead Farm, Downhead, West Camel Yeovil, Somerset, UK
  3. Creation Life Publications: Master Books, PO Box 1606 El Cajon, California 92022 USA
  4. Institute for Creation Research: PO Box 2667, El Cajon, California 92021, USA
  5. Creation Research Society: PO Box 28473, Kansas City, Missouri 64118 USA
  6. Geoscience Research Institute: Loma Linda University, Loma Linda California 92350, USA
  7. Zondervan, Grand Rapids USA
  8. Moody Press, Chicago, USA
  9. Creation Science Foundation: PO Box 302, Sunnybank, Queensland 4109, Australia
  10. Creation Science Ass: PO Box 821, Station A, Scarborough, Ontario M1K 5C8, Canada
  11. Korea Creation Research Ass: Olympian Building, Room 811, 196-7 Jamilbou-dorg, Songpua-Ku, Seoul, Korea.
  12. Scripture Press: Amersham-on-the-hill, Bucks HP6 6JQ England
  13. Penfold Bible House: PO Box 26 Bicester, Oxfordshire OX6 8PB, England
  14. Sovereign Publications: PO Box 88 Bromley, Kent BR2 9PF, England
  15. Baker Books PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids MI USA 49516-6287
  16. Eden Productions: PO Box 41644 Mesa, Arizona 85274-1644, USA

Stewarton Bible School

Reference Books on Bible Versions

One of the most, perhaps the most, important decision facing Christians today concerns Which Bible to select for daily study. Currently there are some 100+ modern English language 'Bibles' in circulation! They are all different from each other and all cast doubt on the Authorised King James Version:   the version Almighty God has sanctioned and blessed for nearly 400 years:   the version which triggered the great Protestant Reformation - throughout the world!   In view of these facts it is vital that you know something about Bible history before you choose the version you and your family study every day.

The following books are all highly recommended.


Write to these addresses requesting lists/prices of books dealing with the Bible Version issue and study the matter. You owe it to yourself, your family and your local church.

Stewarton Bible School


Books by Ramon Bennett. These books are highly recommended. Every Christian should read them. They contain information no believer can afford to miss. Obtainable from: Arm of Salvation, PO Box 32381, JERUSALEM, 91322, ISRAEL.
Write for their price list. Also obtainable from the U.S. Distributor: Shikinah Books, PO Box 846, Keno, OREGON 97627 USA. Telephone or FAX (541)882-9777 for lists, prices and tapes etc.

Dispatch from Jerusalem
This bi-monthly publication is also a must for all believers in the Messiah. For more information contact Bridges for Peace, 12 lbn Ezra Street, Rehavia, JERUSALEM, Israel. Telephone: 972-2-566-9865. FAX: 972-2-566-6675. Web Site:

Jerusalem Post
If you want to keep up with the latest news from Israel, then visit this site and add the address to your Bookmark or Favourites list. Jerusalem Post

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