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Dear Reader,

As you know, articles on the Internet can be controversial; especially when politics or religion are involved. If you are a regular visitor to the Stewarton Bible School site you will recognise how true this is as regards religious beliefs. Our articles on:

After reading some Stewarton Bible School articles, you may be tempted to fire off an e-mail to us. But hold it! Because whatever your response - agreement or otherwise - please understand that we have absolutely no intention, time or energy to enter into 'e-mail arguments' on any subject at the SBS site. As far as this Bible School is concerned:

After all, if the Almighty wants mankind to receive a particular message, you can be sure that He will motivate and enable His chosen messengers to put out that message; and nothing will stop it reaching its intended audience - the world!     But no controversy please.

Unsolicited e-mail Attachments

Another thing: please resist the urge to send SBS unsolicited e-mail attachments.
If you have something to tell mankind, then, as mentioned above, place it on your web site.
But please, please do not bombard this - or any other - site with lengthy e-mail articles.
If you really want us to know something you think is urgent, then: But no more e-mail attachments please.


Elder: David B Loughran
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland
Date: 21st September 1999

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