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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

Examination File 13

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

The Answers to the following Questions can all be found in the sermons of Module 13

Question 1: Yahweh, the Almighty God of Israel has only ONE church on earth.
Who is the Head of this Church; who maintains the Church Register and who appoints the various officials that operate in this ONE Church?
See Sermon Note 13/01. for answer.

Question 2: Resurrection from the dead, and eternal life thereafter with God, is by far the greatest prize any believer can aim for.
What guarantees and proof concerning the resurrection do we have that the Almighty is able to deliver what He has promised in his Word?
See Sermon Note 13/02 for answer.

Question 3: Living faith in the LORD God of Abraham, the Father of our Saviour Yeshua the Messiah, is absolutely essential if one is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
How can one tell the difference between living faith and presumption - or dead faith? Give three examples from the Scriptures of living faith.
See Sermon Note 13/03 for answer.

Question 4: Gabriel and Michael are two mighty archangels who stand in the very presence of the LORD. They personally deliver important messages to the people of God. When a dispute arose between Satan and Michael concerning the body of Moses, Michael called upon the Lord to rebuke Satan.
Who is the Man in Linen described in Daniel chapter 10; and who is the Lord?
See Sermon Note 13/04 for answer.

Question 5: The Hour of Temptation will be a unique test of faith and obedience which will come to the inhabitants of the whole world - at the same time. It will be similar to the Day of Temptation which came to ancient Israel in the desert of Sinai.
What do you think this prophecy concerning the Hour of Temptation is referring to?
See Sermon Note 13/05 for answer.

Question 6: The Bible abounds with spectacular stories about God's power to deliver His people.
The point is: Do you personally believe that Jehovah can deliver YOU from being devoured by that hungry lion Satan. Give two Bible examples of deliverance from lions.
See Sermon Note 13/06 for answer.

Question 7: No matter how he tried, the prophet Balaam was unable to reverse the blessings of Yahweh on the people of Israel. But he knew one way which would bring down divine punishment on the people of God.
What was that way and what was the result when Israel took it? What punishment did Balaam eventually receive for giving his deadly advice?
See Sermon Note 13/07 for answer.

Question 8: In impossible situations we do well to remember that With God all things are possible.
When faced with an impossible situation, what did king Hezekiah do and what were the results?
See Sermon Note 13/08 for answer.

Question 9: The Song of Moses is a prophetic folk song, a love song, which will tell through eternity the story of salvation. It tells of Israel's unfaithfulness and punishment.
How does the Song of Moses end?
See Sermon Note 13/09 for answer.

Question 10: Scripture tells us: "There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked."
How can an individual obtain real peace; what must he/she do?
See Sermon Note 13/10 for answer.

Question 11: A breach is a broken section or gap in a wall, a fence or a hedge. In warfare or agriculture, a breach is a place where the enemy comes in to destroy or where the sheep break out and get lost.
In spiritual matters, what are the breaches that true believers must repair?
See Sermon Note 13/11 for answer.

Question 12: Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, prostitution, incest, rape etc. are rampant throughout the world. We live in a sex-crazed society. No one can deny that fact.
Who alone in all the universe is qualified to legislate on sexual behaviour and when will illegal sexual behaviour be finally punished?
See Sermon Note 13/12 for answer.

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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

June 2000
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