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ANGELS...Unholy & Holy
Module Title Description
0104 Angels The Angel of the LORD, Gabriel and the Devil
0204 Fallen Angels The Symbolic Dragon, overcoming the Devil
0304 Messengers of God Their appearance, powers, activities & messages
0404 Angel Protection Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego
0504 Angelic Influence Wrestling with God and with Satan
0604 Yahweh's Special Agent The Messenger of the Lord
0704 Satan His work, his fruit and his baptism
0804 Satanic Attack Call for help / Victory is possible
0904 Rebellion   The Spirit of Satan
1004 Who/What is the Antichrist? Vital information
1104 Satan the Fiery Serpent Know Your Enemy
1204 The Two Witnesses Who are they?
1304 Gabriel & Michael Two Holy Archangels

Other subjects:
  1. Yahweh
  2. Yeshua (Jesus)
  3. The Holy Ghost
  4. Angels
  5. Yahweh's Law
  6. Salvation
  7. Prophecy
  8. Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving
  9. The Psalms
  10. The Parables
  11. Famous Believers
  12. Miscellaneous

February 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland