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Module 13

No. Title Description
1301   Yahweh's Church   Have you found your place in it?
1302   Resurrection from the Dead   "Believest thou this?"
1303   Have Faith in God     What Faith can do for You!
1304   Gabriel & Michael   Two Holy Archangels
1305   The Hour of Temptation   Are you preparing for it?
1306   Is thy God able to deliver thee   from the lions?
1307   Balaam the Prophet   He has a message for all mankind!
1308   The Prayer of Hezekiah   Nothing is Impossible with God!
1309   The Song of Moses   Who will sing this song?
1310   Real Peace   Mankind is totally incapable of producing it.
1311   Repairers of the Breach   Who are these people?
1312   Sex & the Bible   Do you know how God views sexual behaviour?

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February 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland