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Module 1

No. Title Description
0101 The Almighty His Name (Yahweh), character and will
0102 The Saviour His Name (Yeshua), work and objectives
0103 The Holy Spirit His attributes, fruit and gifts
0104 Angels The Angel of the Lord, Gabriel and the Devil
0105 Yahweh's Law Why was it given? How long will it last?
0106 Salvation Where to find it
0107 Prophecy Why was it given? An invaluable possession
0108 Prayer Ask in Messiah's Name and receive
0109 Psalm 107 Hopeless situations. Help from the Almighty
0110 The Parables The Sower. Four types of people
0111 True Believers Yahweh's special, set apart people
0112 Study Read, Observe, Analyse, Do.
The ROAD to understanding scripture.

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