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Every author will admit that no book, however small, is produced without the help of others. Stewarton Bible School's publications are no exception. Were it not for the dedicated support of the SBS team, not one booklet, Bible Lesson or Sermon Note would have been printed. So let me take this opportunity to thank the SBS team who have supported me these many years. My thanks to all of you, my family and my friends, who have faithfully contributed tithes and offerings to this great work. How else would SBS have despatched its literature free of charge! to the far corners of the earth? May Yahweh, the LORD God of Israel, bless every one of you as only He can bless. I never fail to thank Him for raising you up to support SBS, a very small group with a big message. My special thanks to Frances Maloney, SBS Treasurer and proof-reader, rich in wisdom and tact. My thanks also to her son Alan Maloney who set up the SBS Internet site in 1995: a massive task as anyone who has attempted such a project will know. May the Eternal reward you both bountifully for your work. I also thank you Internet readers all over the world, especially Max Mader of Toronto, for the enormous help your corrections, comments and advice have been. Last, but certainly not least, let me record my sincerest thanks to my dear wife Inge, without whose help I do not think the Stewarton Bible School would even have come into being. May the Almighty bless you Inge for your love and patient support since our marriage in 1956.
With renewed thanks to you all.

Elder: David B Loughran


  1. Sacred Names: In the Authorised King James Version of the Bible the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel is called by several names and titles: Jehovah, LORD, God, I AM, the Holy One of Israel etc. In this booklet the name Yahweh is also used. When it is, I am referring to the same person, our Heavenly Father. He is the supreme Being in the universe, the ONE who sent His only begotten Son Jesus to save mankind.
    The Saviour's Hebrew name Yeshua (or Yahshua) is also used in this booklet. The reader should remember that when it is, we mean the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, the central character of the New Testament. For further information see Sacred Names.
  2. All Bible quotations in this booklet are taken from the authorised King James Version.
  3. Unless otherwise stated I have used Strong's Bible Dictionary to further explain certain Hebrew and Aramaic words.

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Author: David B Loughran
Updated: 1998