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Free SBS website CD offer

There are currently several megabytes of information at the Stewarton Bible School's internet site. SBS is pleased to offer our readers a free website CD to allow you to view and study the SBS website content off-line.

If this interests you then e-mail us for the CD offer as described below: 

The SBS website CD contains

To receive your free SBS website CD - please send an email request (see home page), providing your complete mailing address including:
Your Name, Street and/or PO Box Number, Town or City, County or State, Zip or Postal Code and Country.

That once you are in possession of these files, you may pass them to your friends after installing them on your PC. Better still, if you have a CD Writer, you can make copies of the CD and pass them out. There is no need to ask our permission!

For more details see Copying SBS Files & CDs and also No Copyright.

To avoid us sending out 2 sets of the same disk, please allow 28 days for delivery.

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September 2013