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Naturally we are interested in feedback. But bear with us if we do not always reply. We would love to answer every letter and query that comes in; but our time is very limited. Besides, the answer to your question may already be here. So, before e-mailing us, check the SBS Index File where every subject commented on at this site is listed in alphabetical order.

If you agree with the message we present, and are a commandment-keeping Christian, then tell us where we can find your work on the 'Net'.  If you are not a believer or strongly disagree with what you read at this site, you are, nonetheless, a valued reader. Your comments - make them short - may be e-mailed to us. They will be noted;   but No arguments & No attachments please!

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Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland.
Date: 29th May 1999