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Foreign Bibles

Question: Where can I obtain foreign-language Bibles which, like the King James Version, are based on Textus Receptus?

ANSWER:   There are many foreign-language Bible translations based on the Textus Receptus. The UK address I recommend that you contact is The Trinitarian Bible Society, Tyndale House, Dorset Rd, London SW19.3NN.   England.
The Society supplies English and foreign language Bibles all based on the Textus Receptus.
Their UK telephone number is:   0181-543-7857
Their e-mail address is:
The foreign languages covered by the Society are as follows: Africans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Modern Greek, Greek (Textus Receptus) Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Kisanga, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Maltese, Ndebele, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simte, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Welse, Xhosa, Yuruba.
This is a highly recommended Society for English and Foreign Bibles based on Textus Receptus. It's well worth contacting them.

For Textus Receptus-based Bibles obtainable in the USA see Useful Addresses
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