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The Apocrypha

Question: Should the Apocrypha be held in the same regard as the Old and New Testaments?
Answer:   The short answer is No. The Apocrypha is not inspired.

The following quotation is taken from the Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, page 33, article Apocrypha.

We can see from the above that:

  1. The Saviour,
  2. The Early Apostles,
  3. The Jewish Nation,
  4. And the Protestant Reformers,
All reckoned the Apocrypha to be uninspired; and that is why it is not included in the canon of Scripture. The main group which holds to the Apocrypha is the Roman Catholic Church.
In view of the above, Stewarton Bible School's advice is that you treat the Apocrypha as the writings of uninspired men and certainly not of any use whatsoever when deciding Christian doctrine.

For further information you may consider writing to:
Bible For Today (BFT) Publishers,
900 Park Avenue, N.J. 08108, USA. Phone 609-854-4452 for their book entitled:
Why Apocrypha Should Be Rejected ... by Dr D A Waite. Catalogue number BFT C01.

When writing to BFT ask for their catalogue of publications; especially the section dealing with the critical issue concerning Bible Versions. Believe me, the more you study this subject, the more amazed you will become.

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Elder: David B Loughran
July 1999