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Letter (01) from SBS Founder

Dear Friends and Visitors to the SBS site,

To begin with let me thank our heavenly Father, Yahweh the God of Israel, and His only begotten Son, Yeshua the Messiah for allowing me the privilege of writing this letter to you. As many of you already know, my health is very poor; and it is only by the grace and mercy of Almighty God that I am alive and able to write to the Internet community today.

Recently I visited Germany with my dear wife Inge; but during the trip my already weakened heart almost gave up and I spent a week in hospital. The doctor wanted to keep me in longer; but I needed to get back to Scotland. Once again I thank the LORD God of Israel for allowing me an extension of life. I also thank all of you who are still praying for me to live. Your prayers have been answered again. But please do not stop; because I live very close to the Valley of the Shadow of Death! But, thanks be to Yahweh's infinite mercy, I am still alive! So it's back to my Father's business. There is still so much to do.

  1. Recent Updates: I am slowly but surely updating early SBS files, trying to ensure that all Bible quotations at this site are only from the Authorized King James Version. The reason for this is given in our booklet entitled: Bible Versions ... Which is the real Word of God?
    Recent updates include:
  2. Downloading SBS Files: Those who wish to download the above-mentioned files (about 24 in all) should see Option 1 in Downloading SBS Files   It's quicker to download Option 1 than several individual sermons and the Index files that link to them.
  3. Copyright:   Remember that Stewarton Bible School publications are all in the Public Domain! So there is absolutely no need to seek permission to copy, print or translate them. Pass this message on to others. For more details see No Copyright.
  4. Supporting SBS:   Several true believers have written in asking how they could support SBS with tithes and offerings. Their letters have greatly encouraged me.
    I now feel that the Baton of Truth is firmly in the hands of many who believe just as I do; and that the Everlasting Gospel will go forward regardless of whether I live or die.
    Please check the Introduction to SBS for details as to how you could support this work.
  5. e-mail Queries:   God willing I will continue to answer as many letters as I possibly can. But please forgive me if I fail to answer your particular letter or if the answer I send is very brief. Believe me, I am doing the best I can under the circumstances. I want to answer every letter in detail; but I also need to: As you can imagine, all this takes time and energy, both of which I have precious little. But in all these things I rejoice greatly; for the Almighty has blessed me far more than I ever did deserve. I shall be eternally grateful for His mercy and kindnes to David B Loughran.
    Besides this, SBS has made many contacts and new friends via the Internet. My sincere prayer is that Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel will bless you all for His name's sake. May His Holy Spirit sustain and keep you faithful to His Son Yeshua, His Word and His Law.
  6. Disagreements:   Alas! as you all know, disagreements abound in the church. That is why there are some 2000 denominations! I have no doubt but that when the Master returns this colossal problem will be solved. Meanwhile I try to respect the right of each believer to believe what he/she wants. When it comes to answering questions, I am no Solomon by any means: so it's up to individuals to decide for themselves what they are going to believe. But please - no arguments; especially over the Internet. I just do not have the health for that. Nothing valuable is gained anyway.
  7. Addresses:   SBS is not a denomination. Those who wish to worship with other believers each Sabbath should check the list of addresses supplied by the Bible Sabbath Association, in their Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups. There are scores of addresses, 'phone numbers and details of the various groups listed in the Directory.
  8. Sabbath-keepers should also search the Net for themselves. There are many, like yourself, who are keen to meet others of like-precious faith. But be careful; because many wolves, all dressed up in sheep's clothing, are also out there.

I'll end this letter with this prayer: "May the Holy Spirit be with all true believers the world over; especially with those who seek to obey Yahweh's commandments."

In Emmanuel's Name.

Elder: David B Loughran

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25th May 1999
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