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No Copyright

Stewarton Bible School (SBS) computer files and printed literature are in the Public Domain and bear no copyright.

This allows you complete freedom to download, print and reproduce our publications.
The only condition we make is that if Stewarton Bible School's name appears - as the publisher - on a copied article, then no changes should have been made to the article's content. In effect, we do not want anyone altering our writings to say something we never intended. You may, if you wish, remove our name from our publications and then print and use their content under your own or your group's name. But no changes please if SBS' or its founder's names appear as publisher or author.

Stewarton Bible School's no-copyright policy extends to:

NOTE: Bear in mind, however, that our no-copyright policy does not cover lengthy quotations (over 200 words) of other authors. In order to print those quotations in your publications, you will need to write to the authors or publishers concerned for permission. The publisher's names and addresses appear at the end of the Bible Versions booklet.

Response to our no-copyright policy has been very encouraging.
Stewarton Bible School literature and computer files are being copied and distributed by believers in many countries. The Internet now extends availability to millions of people! The Holy Ghost is working on individuals and entire congregations. Every week brings fresh evidence of this fact. Praise Yahweh's holy name! It is, after all, His work and SBS is very grateful that He has allowed us a part in it. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah), you are now invited to download, copy and print these truths for the people in your area. Truth is an extremely powerful weapon in the warfare against ignorance, poverty and sin. Make use of the Truth you find at this site by reproducing it for your community. Remember that you are free to remove our name and use your own; though if you change the article then make sure our name is left out. In other words:

SBS material has no copyright - if you copy it right!

Translating SBS Literature

In addition to our no-copyright policy, you are hereby given permission to translate into a foreign language SBS publications. There are two conditions in this respect. They are:
  1. That you clearly state that you are the translator and publisher of the translated work. In other words your name and address must appear on the translation as translator and publisher.
  2. That if Stewarton Bible School's name appears on a translated article, then the following notice in the English language must also appear:

This is a translation of a Stewarton Bible School publication.
For a free version in the English language, write to:

Stewarton Bible School
Stewarton, Kilmarnock, Scotland, UK 

May the Almighty bless you in your efforts to spread the Truth in your area.


David B Loughran
(SBS Founder)

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